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Lead Management

Tranquil CRM Logo

Lead Management

Introducing Tranquil Real Estate CRM: Streamline Your Lead Management and Elevate Your Sales Game

Are you in the real estate business and looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your leads effectively? Look no further! Tranquil Real Estate CRM is your ultimate tool for optimizing lead management, ensuring swift response times, and enhancing your overall sales performance.

Auto Grab Leads From Your Sources

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the real estate industry is manually inputting leads into your system. With Tranquil CRM, say goodbye to this tedious process. Our intelligent system seamlessly integrates with your various lead sources, automatically capturing and storing leads for you.

Auto Assigning of Leads in Real Time

In the fast-paced world of real estate, every lead is valuable. Tranquil CRM ensures that no lead goes unnoticed. Our system automatically assigns leads in real time, guaranteeing a rapid response and preventing leads from slipping through the cracks.

Round Robin, Project Wise, Source Wise Leads Assigning

Customization is key in real estate, and Tranquil CRM understands that. Whether you prefer a round-robin lead distribution, want to assign leads project-wise, or based on the source, our system can accommodate your preferences, ensuring leads reach the right agents at the right time.

Multi Selection of Projects

Manage multiple projects effortlessly with Tranquil CRM. Our platform supports multi-project selection, allowing you to handle a diverse portfolio seamlessly and with ease.

Lead Journey Tracking

Understanding the lead journey is vital for conversion. Tranquil CRM provides detailed lead journey tracking, enabling you to monitor each lead's progress, interactions, and responses, helping you tailor your approach for higher conversion rates.

Site Visits Tracking

Keep tabs on every site visit effortlessly. Tranquil CRM offers a robust tracking system that logs site visits, making it easy to follow up and provide potential buyers with the information they need.

Customer Meets Tracking

Stay organized and on top of your customer meetings. Tranquil CRM allows you to schedule and track customer meetings, ensuring you never miss an appointment and can provide a personalized experience to your clients.

Employee Follow-Up Calls in Loop

Effective communication is key to converting leads into customers. Tranquil CRM provides tools for automated follow-up calls, ensuring that your leads are engaged and nurtured throughout their journey.

Tele Calling Auto Calls in Loop

Maintain a consistent and personalized approach with telecalling automation. Our system enables auto calls in a loop, so your agents can focus on building relationships while the CRM handles the routine tasks.

TAT (Turnaround Time)

Time is of the essence in real estate. Tranquil CRM features TAT tracking, helping you measure and improve response times, ensuring that you're always ahead of the competition.

Contact Types

Categorize and manage your contacts effectively with our Contact Types feature. Whether it's a buyer, seller, investor, or any other category you need, Tranquil CRM allows you to classify contacts for targeted marketing and communication.

Tranquil Real Estate CRM is your all-in-one solution for lead management, tracking, and conversion. Say goodbye to manual data entry, missed leads, and disorganized processes. Elevate your real estate business with Tranquil CRM and watch your sales soar. It's time to make real estate management more tranquil and efficient.

Our lead management system takes the hassle out of lead acquisition and distribution. With the ability to automatically capture leads from various sources, you can rest assured that no opportunity slips through the cracks. But we don't stop there – our real-time lead assignment feature ensures that leads are distributed efficiently, whether through round-robin distribution, product-specific assignments, or source-based allocations.

The flexibility of multi-product selection further empowers your team to handle diverse customer needs. With lead journey tracking and transfer monitoring, you can keep a close eye on the progress of each lead, ensuring that no potential deal is left unattended. Additionally, our system tracks customer meetings, follow-up calls by employees, and even automates tele-calling at predefined intervals to keep the communication loop active.

Time-bound tasks and activities (TAT) are easily managed, ensuring that your team meets deadlines and keeps clients satisfied. Finally, our contact types feature allows you to categorize and manage your leads efficiently, facilitating targeted outreach and personalized engagement. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can optimize your lead management processes and drive greater success in your business.