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Marketing Automation

In today's business landscape, effective customer engagement is crucial, especially with leads from various sources. Our advanced CRM system leverages marketing automation to streamline this process. It gathers leads from multiple channels and initiates personalized interactions through auto calls. It also promptly sends welcome communications and thank-you messages to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, it extends site visit invitations, allowing potential clients to engage directly with our offerings. Our comprehensive marketing automation approach focuses on capturing and nurturing leads, driving conversions, and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Our CRM system is designed to automate and streamline various aspects of lead management and customer engagement.It starts with auto-generating calls as soon as leads are generated, ensuring that no opportunity is missed. We also offer the flexibility to send product-specific welcome messages and meeting invitations, providing a personalized touch to your interactions.

Auto Call on Lead Generation: Automatically initiate calls when new leads are generated, ensuring rapid response and engagement.

Project Wise Welcome Message & Site Visit Invitation: Send Auto Customized welcome messages and site visit invitations based on specific projects.

Auto Follow-Up For Scheduled Site Visits For Next Seven Days: Auto follow-up with leads who have scheduled site visits for the next 7 days, ensuring timely engagement and improved conversion opportunities.

Send Auto Promotional Creative on Every Tele Call: Send promotional creative content during each telephonic conversation.

Send Auto Project-Based Creative for Every Follow-up Call: Automatically send project-specific creative materials during every follow-up call.

Auto Pending Follow-ups For 24 X 7: Automatically schedule and assign follow-ups for the entire week. Ensures every Lead is addressed, maintaining a proactive approach to lead management.

Auto Follow-up For Today's Activities: Automated follow-ups to site visits, negotiations, and sales scheduled for the current day. Helps in reminding the scheduled meetings customers in the early hours of the day to ensure more success in scheduled meetings.

Auto Follow-up For Next 7 Days Activities: Plan and automate follow-up tasks for the upcoming week's activities, proactively engaging and nurturing leads and ensuring a consistent flow of lead interactions through the sales funnel.

Site Visit Reminders to Employees: Automatically send site visit reminders to employees, reducing the chance of no-shows and ensuring a seamless and professional customer experience during site tours.

Alert on Lead Assigning: Trigger real-time alerts and notifications upon lead assignment, prompting immediate action, minimizing response times, and fostering accountability among team members for their respective leads.


Attention: Are you tired of manually engaging with customers and struggling to achieve maximum site visits and quick follow-ups in your real estate business?

Interest: Introducing Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software, a revolutionary solution that emphasizes marketing automation to seamlessly engage customers, eliminate the need for human intervention, and boost sales. With our system, you can enjoy features such as auto call initiation on lead generation, project-specific welcome messages and site visit invitations, auto follow-ups for scheduled site visits, and automatic delivery of promotional and project-based creative content during calls.

Desire: Imagine the convenience of automated reminders for today's and next 7 days' activities, site visit reminders to employees, and real-time alerts upon lead assignment. Our software ensures prompt actions and minimizes response times, giving you the competitive edge in the real estate market.

Action: Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your real estate business with Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software. Embrace marketing automation and experience the seamless engagement, maximum site visits, and quicker follow-ups that will propel your sales to new heights.

Experience the power of automation with Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software. Boost your sales and customer engagement effortlessly.

For customer meetings, our system takes care of auto follow-ups for the next 7 days, ensuring that your sales team remains proactive in their approach. Telecallers are empowered with creative tools to enhance their outreach, while follow-up creatives and promotional materials can be easily displayed to channel partners for effective promotion.

The system also takes care of automating pending follow-ups for each day of the week, making sure that no lead goes unattended. It provides real-time auto-follow-ups for today's activities and schedules follow-ups for the next 7 days, keeping your team organized and on track. Customer meet reminders are also included to help your team stay punctual and prepared.

Finally, our CRM system offers alert notifications when leads are assigned, ensuring that your team stays informed and can act promptly. With these features, you can supercharge your lead management and customer engagement processes, driving efficiency and productivity across the board.

The primary goal of Marketing Automation is to seamlessly connect with your customers through the Tranquil CRM, all while minimizing the need for manual intervention. By harnessing the power of automation, businesses can achieve a multitude of benefits, including the ability to drive a higher volume of site visits, expedite follow-up processes, and effortlessly engage with customers. This automation not only enhances efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in boosting sales figures. With Tranquil CRM's marketing automation capabilities, businesses can build meaningful relationships with their audience, deliver timely and personalized communications, and ultimately achieve greater success in their sales endeavors.