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Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip Marketing Campaigns are automated rules that send a set of communications or content to sales leads through SMS, Email, Images, and Attachments, at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle. Drip Marketing campaigns empower you to reach leads with appropriate information based on time interims consistently, the progress noted by prospects on your website, or other activities, releasing important marketing and sales resources without forgetting your opportunities. Drip Marketing Campaigns are configurable based on particular actions performed by your sales team.Drip marketing is an arrangement for conveying data about an organization through a constant flow of marketing messages, including messages, web-based life posts, postcards, calls, pamphlets, and printed bulletins (See Newsletter Marketing likewise). These instruments raise brand mindfulness for buyers and develop leads to close the deals.

In several circumstances, drip marketing utilizes computerized administrations to convey these messages at specific focuses in time, permitting organizations to send reactions following a customer communicates enthusiasm for the data.

On Lead Creation

Using Drip Marketing Campaigns, you can engage customers at the right time and target the right customers. You can define the campaigns on inquiry day template one as an SMS, inquiry day two company profile through email as an attachment, day three flyer as clickable, image email, and many more.

After Activity

You can send a personalized SMS and Email after completion of any specific activity such as meeting, phone call, etc.,

Products / Services Recall

When Customer enquires, and he is not responsive to progress towards the deal, you may start the drip marketing campaign to get them back and progress the deal towards the closure.

When Closed Lost

After Customer enquired with your company, later dropped an Idea to take your products or services, you may do the strategic drip marketing campaign which will engage them to come back to you.

There are Many Advantages of Drip Marketing Campaigns

  • Timely Information
  • Easy Automation
  • Stay Connected to Customers
  • Lead Progressing
  • Relationship Building
  • Brand Awareness
  • Re-engage with unengaged contacts
  • Up-selling / Cross-selling