Tranquil Real estate CRM software is to automate many daily activities to improve sales team productivity and engage your team in selling more properties. It ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers with automated communications.

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Tranquil Profile
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Tranquil Sales CRM Software for Lead Management

Automate Your Sales Process and Empower to deliver excellence.

Tranquil CRM is an ERP based CRM software solution to empower your organization to deliver better sales, increase Employee Productivity and automate your organizations Sales and Marketing Operations.

Tranquil CRM is an integrated instrument that assists your sales teams in closing deals faster, while enhancing effective cross and up selling of products by developing consistent interactions between your sales, marketing, and support teams. Tranquil CRM software is designed specifically for the Indian Sales Processes.

What You Get?

Lead Management Software

Desktop Application

CRM Process, to manage all your enquiries from Lead generation to Sale, manage Agents & their commissions, Sales management app to update all your project details along with the marketing collateral as a central hub to access an uniform information by all your employees, Agents, and Customers.

Internal Mobile APP

We are giving Internal mobile APP With Hierarchy access to view overall organization performance, Various summaries, Due Customer details, Daily Collections & bookings, Real time tracking of your employees, Scheduling of activities to get auto reminders, Provision to make call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp and store the communication for the future references.

External Mobile APP

External Mobile APP for New Customers to view your projects and its brochure, gallery. For Channel Partner / Agent provision to Update the customers, view their sold customers commission eligibility. For Existing Customers, Their purchase details, scheduled payments, paid details, Agreements, and Bills. Visitor App to manage all your customer walk-ins to various sites and auto assign to respective team members.

Increase Employee Productivity

Tranquil CRM helps you centralize your prospects, optimize and streamline your communications through integrated CRM for your employees.They deliver higher productivity levels by engaging thier customers and automating the follow-up process to generate more business for your company with the proper communications through pre-scheduled campaigns.

Reduce your enquiry response time to get better outcomes, organize your employee activities for timely followup, send personalized communications for better branding, and engage your customers through drip campaigns to convert more sales.

  • Pre Defined Activities for Timely Response.
  • Standard Personalized Communication.
  • Engage Customers through Drip Campaign for Retention.
  • KPF Process to Understand the Un productive Areas.

Automate your Workflow

With an automated workflow, your team members can process leads within a few seconds from their generation time. They can send automated introductory messages, auto-responses for activity progress, automated meeting followups with the customers at defined times for engaging your customers and making them stay connected with your products and services.

At times your prospects don't progress due to poor follow-up. Implement Tranquil CRM to automate the sales process and ensure continuous engagement of your leads and increase the meetings to grow your sales.

  • Auto Lead Assigning Process.
  • Automated Welcome Greetings and Invitations.
  • Customized & Automated Messages based on prospects.
  • Automated Customer meeting followups.
  • Auto Due Reminders and Activity Reminders.

Close More Deals

Engage your sales team with productive works through Key Performing factors such as making calls and meeting people. Other than the KPF, any additional work your team is involved in is maintaining works. Tranquil CRM reminds them and shows how much time they spend on KPF by organizing their jobs effectively and staying on more productive work daily.

Lead assigning process based on performance indicators engages the performers in increasing their productivity and getting more business to your organization.

  • KPF to organize employees time productively.
  • Get more time with easy navigation and communications.
  • Get the Right insights about the customers to know their needs.
  • Use analytics to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Engage your customers and make them stick to your company.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why Tranquil
CRM Software Can make Difference in Your Company.

Cloud Based CRM Software
Lead Management Software
Lead management

Assign leads to sales team and organize your employee activities with the customers to do right followups intime. Create the right work flow between the marketing team, sales heads, managers, associates, sales agents, and tele-callers.


Make calls, send sms, email, whatsapp through integrated communications in Tranquil crm to save employee productive time and have constant communications through pre-defined templates and record all the communications for the future reference.

Performance Analytics

Get Employee, source, marketing spending, Key performing factors for daily, monthly, and cost per sale analysis helps your organization to take effective decisions to grow your sales with lesser cost.


The structured automation for the welcome, thank you note, product communication configuration to communicate your customers without delay in response to your enquiries, and their activities will engage your customers effortlessly to progress them towards the sale.

Drip Campaigns

Configure pre-defined customer communications for the next 365 days to engage them and bring them to buy your products without limiting the progress made by your employees. Drip marketing campaigns are strategic campaigns to progress customers to get more business.

Specifically designed to meet your business needs.


Build efficient auto lead assigning process through CRM integration with portals, live chat, chatbot, mobile apps, website, virtual calls, and social media mediating platforms.

Basic accounting / bills

Customer scheduled payments, receipts, due amounts, additional charges, work orders, agreements, quotations, invoices, bills, and gst amounts can store and access.

Project management

Assign project-related tasks to employees and capture time spent on each task under various clients' and monitor the files and comments related to the project on every activity.

Basic HR management

Monitor & track employee movement, punch-in and punch-out, customer meeting tracking, jobs management, appointment, offer letters, increments, promotions, performance Appraisals, and more.


CRM Employee Mobile APP for Tracking of Employees, Activities, Attendance, Customer Meetings, Customer Locations, along with the time stamp and time spent on Activities to identify any misuse of productive hours.


Your data is fully protected and secure with the high configuration dedicated server with security features such as data encryption, Log history, IP based access, alert on every login, download disabled and more

How It Works

Get ready to discover all the Benefits
and Features of Tranquil CRM Software.

In today’s uplifting competitive sales aspect, consumers are more knowledgeable and have higher expectations than always. For your business to succeed in the digital transformation drive, your sellers must engage customers in new essential techniques.

  • Integrated with Desktop & Mobile APPS.
  • Minimized TOT for enquiry contact.
  • Quick Connect Calls, SMS, Email, Whatsapp.
  • Automate Manual Tasks.
  • Centralized Customer Data.
  • Enhance Sales Followup Process.
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We offer great prices, premium and quality products for your business.

Tranquil CRM is one of the Top 10 Best CRM software Companies to build Universal CRM, Real estate CRM software / Real estate software, Builders CRM, Events Organizers CRM, Financial Services CRM, Automotive CRM, Interiors CRM, Agency CRM and more. Tranquil CRM powered with 130+ Features to automate the Process, Customer Relationship management, and helps to organize, automate, contemporize business processes.


Ultimate Pro Plus

Cloud based Application
Pre Sales CRM
Post Sales CRM
Employee, Customer APP
Sales Automation
3 different Mobile Apps
Know More About Tranquil CRM

Know More

Know More About Tranquil CRM Software

Tranquil CRM Lead Management Software is to manage your customers and their requirements. Lead Management is centralized customer data to handle a complete customer management process that comprises all significant features from lead acquisition to distribution to closing.


All the Communications are integrated, such as making calls to customers, sending personalized SMS, Group SMS, Reminders, Personalized email, Group Emails, Reminder Emails, On Click to Send WhatsApp, and record messages sent through WhatsApp and these all available for you as communication history.


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CRM Automation helps your team to spend minimal time in managing the activities; rest all is automated activity to engage and communicate customers. As a business professional, you want a more reliable way to keep up with your associations, see your team's communication with prospects, identify where your dealings stand, and finally push your company progressive.


Drip Marketing Campaigns are automated rules that send a set of communications or content to sales leads through SMS, Email, Images, and Attachments, at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle.



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The complete sales crm software designed specifically for Indian Sales Process. Tranquil CRM is an integrated instrument that assists you in building and maintaining relationships with your customers by developing consistent interaction between your sales, marketing, and support team.