Tranquil CRM Software Company is One of the Best Sales CRM Software company for CRM Solutions and Lead Management, helps to organize, automatize and contemporize business processes with best CRM solutions. Tranquil Sales CRM software is from the house of Tranquil Web Solutions, Hyderabad. Tranquil CRM Solutions process to manage customers activities, work on today activities, pending events, and future operations. Moreover, it is easy to access to send SMS and email with predefined templates, and contemporize business processes for an organization interaction with sales prospects, leads, and opportunities. Tranquil CRM software company Sales CRM Software is an integrated customized application developed to provide a holistic overview of all kind of lead management, customer interactions and help businesses to constitute stronger relationships with their customers through Sales CRM Software. The solution comprises of a robust mechanism of automatized processes that countenances customer interactions through auto-responders.

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  • Solutions easy to infuse in the organizational structure
  • Maxim utilization of resources
  • Business intelligence with the Easy process
  • Applicable to all the departments of a business
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CRM Software for Pre - Sales Process With CRM ERP APP

Lead Processing & Team Planning

Tranquil is one of the leading CRM vendors and CRM software company in India, Our one of the Dynamic module in CRM Solutions are Pre-Sales CRM. Through Pre-Sales CRM Software Solutions or customer relationship management, you can manage the complete leads for various projects, product planning, competitive advantage, and employees and CRM Solutions helps you to plan it in a better way on daily activities, future activities and to improve profitability

CRM Mobile App & Integrations

The User, Telecaller, Agent / CP, Visitor Mobile CRM App. The success of any software is its usability and how easily users can use the software. It is built in Android and IOS mobile apps to give better and easy access to the CRM Solutions and CRM App users to use it on the go. Integrated with Live Chat System, Website Analytics, Bulk Sms and Bulk email services to get the easy usage of all these applications in a simple click of the button in your software system.

Summary, Task Customer Connect

Summary of Defined Activities and Know Cost Per Sale: Every company profit depends on Cost per Sale also. You can adequately measure every source cost per sale and also it helps you to understand the cost per transaction for each employee.

Task Manager is to help your employees to work efficiently on the tasks given and received by and from various team members and store the necessary documents towards the job. Customer Connect is a group of customers and sending easily personalized communications.

Why use CRM software? A staggering 30% of companies have confessed not to utilize any CRM instruments at all, and up to 60% of CRM initiatives don't meet up with anticipations. However, when accomplished correctly, CRM methods can enhance efficacy by a whopping 26%.

There are many advantages of using ERP CRM App

Dashboard, Data control & Security

Complete data can manage by highly secured servers and various security features. It is highly secured user-defined access to view the data. Moreover, each activity of the user will store on the server for the future reference.

Tranquil CRM software company CRM Solutions has many data control & security features compare to many CRM Vendors.

You have a customized dashboard to get a glance at the team on current status of the activities, closures, source wise performance, employees’ performance and the cost per sale and many more. Every communication of the customer can view in an integrated CIS form.

Quotations & Automation

Send Quotes and File Manager Through CRM Software: You can start sending quotes and store the history of the quotes for the future reference. These quotes can be created in a single click of the button and send an email.

With Tranquil CRM software company best CRM software, you can automatize your business litigates and synchronize all the consents of customer needs to get an overall approximation about project position.

  • Customer enrollment
  • Monitor position.
  • Customer Payment Milestones.
  • Customer additional work Management
  • Payment Tracking
  • Deliver

Sales CRM Software for Lead Management & Team Planning

Sales CRM Software Planned Activities Today ?

In Any Company Sales CRM Software Lead Management crm Process & Managing the Activities are most crucial. Tranquil CRM Software Company CRM Solutions Helps your team to plan their daily activities, and it saves a lot more time for your team members to organize and work effectively through Sales CRM Software Lead Management CRM.

Want to Know Future Planned Activities in Sales CRM Software ?

Through Tranquil Best CRM Software Lead Management crm You can organize all future activities and meetings triggering to you for that particular day. Tranquil CRM software company Lead Management CRM helps you to make the proper follow-up with your customers and get connected with them in time.

Get in track with Pending Activities Through Sales CRM Solutions

While you are busy with customer meetings, you may miss few scheduled activities to speak or meet them. Such activities will be available in pending activities to re-connect with them and reschedule meetings through Sales CRM Solutions.

What are the Completed Activities by your Sales Force?

In Tranquil CRM software company Sales CRM Solutions, you can easily view all completed activities in different tabs. It helps you to see the potentiality and rating of the customers post the interaction or meeting with them by your Sales CRM Software team

Monitor Sales Team Day Plan through Sales CRM Solutions

All the scheduled activities by the users for that particular day will be shown in the Sales CRM Software to understand the day plan of the complete team and on a click, you can view who are the customers and what the activities they planned are.

Easy Reporting through Sales CRM Software

Tranquil CRM software company Sales CRM Software allows you to get easy reporting the way you wanted to get displayed. Whatever activities performed by the users, it will show you in your dashboard in the defined format to understand what is to plan and what is to achieve.

Tranquil CRM Software Company Best CRM Software allows to understand the Activities

Based on Tranquil CRM software company best CRM Software dashboard, you can easily understand the activities planned by the team members and view that is with low activities planning. It helps you to focus and needy planning members and enhances their performance.

Enquiries Attended today by your Sales Force through Sales CRM Solutions

Through Tranquil CRM software company Lead Management CRM, you can view how many new inquiries attended by your team members through various sources in Sales CRM Solutions. On Click of the button, you can see the status of the inquiries to unattended inquiries.

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Live Chat, Website Analytics & Bulk SMS, Email through Sales CRM Software

Assign users to attend Live Chat and Get notified of every visit

In CRM software admin access has the provision to define the sales reps who can receive the live chat when any customer coming to your website and starts interacting your employees.

Tranquil know for best CRM Solutions crm software company in India and with many customers from various industries having a continuous learning on improvising the reguler activities of your Sales Force throuch CRM Solutions. When any visitor is coming to visit your website, there will be live chat window to welcome visitors. As and when any visitor comes every assigned user will get a notification to accept the chat and start interacting with the visitors.

Interact with Customer and Save the Enquiries

With Tranquil CRM software company Best CRM Solutions your team may be active through Live chat, and once they get triggered and accepting the chat, you can interact with the customer through easy templates to interact and update customers data entry in easy steps.

After finishing the Live chat with the customer you may have an option to directly store it with the new entry of enquiry to the Sales CRM Solutions along with the chat history.

With a Tranquil CRM Software, you don’t have to shift through a lead list on your email client or a spreadsheet. You get a dedicated interface with a list of your leads. Agreeing on a lead opens up a screen like the neighboring image.

Real-time customers and Location Wise Tracking

Tranquil - Best crm software company established in India, CRM software integrated with Analytics of your website. It tracks the real-time customers and shows the history of the customers traveled with your website.

Analytics in CRM software helps you to get the customer's location wise and shows in a summary from each and every country and city how many website visitors coming to visit your website and what is their conversion.

Track the number of visits and Sources of Visits

You may get many visitors driving from various sources to the website. But most importantly returning customers are very important. Analytics in Tranquil CRM software helps you to track the number of visits by every visitor.

To enhance the quality visits to your website, you need to understand the sources of visits also to more focus on the sources which are giving you good quality visits.

Upload Various Data and Define in Various Groups

For the bulk campaigns, you may have the contact points along with the mobile number or email-ids. You can start uploading the contact points by using excel sheet for bulk campaigns.

Every upload of contact points to the Sales CRM Solutions in bulk campaigns; you can define the group name for the future reference and start doing campaigning in easy steps.

Team-wise Performance and Category and Product wise Performance

In our Best CRM Summary: Team wise performance helps to understand the performers of the company and their activities along with the complete details of the customers they are interacting.

You may be dealing with various categories and products. This summary helps you to understand each every category wise how many sales happened and how many enquiries you received against to it through CRM Solutions.

Reasons for Dropout and Pending activity Tracking

When a customer is not interested in your product or services it is very important to capture the reason for dropout. In CRM Solutions we need to define the reason for dropout so that the summary will be helpful to improve the weak areas and enhance the sales experience.

There may be many customers who show interest. Out of which few customers may be contacted in time and few may be not contacted. Through CRM you will be able to view the pending activity customers from each user wise to understand who all not following customers on time.

Capture Every Expenditure and Manage Source Cost with Sales CRM

Tranquil CRM software company best CRM software has the provision to capture every expenditure made towards marketing, sales, employee salary, bonus, agents commission, and much more dynamically calculating and storing in the database for the calculation.

Add the expenses towards each and every marketing source. CRM Software automatically calculates the cost per sale on each source. It helps you to understand which source giving you the sale at lesser cost.

Manage Employee Cost

Every Employee Salary, Incentive, Bonus and any other spend for the employee to achieve the sales will be calculated and CRM software shows the cost per sale through each and every employee. It helps you to understand who is performing better with lesser cost.

Point blank Cost per Sale

Tranquil CRM software calculates employee cost and a number of enquiries consumed by the employee and its expenditure to arrive the point-blank cost per sale to the company. It helps to understand exactly who is efficiently working.

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Task Management & Customer Connect Through CRM Software

Assign Task Management

Assign the Task, Track the Task and Update the Task

You can assign the task using Tranquil CRM software company best CRM software or mobile CRM and start mapping the job to the users in your company and start managing the task, track and update any information if required by the person you assigned the task and finish the task in quick time.

Through CRM task management you can start tracking of the task status whether it is in the process of the action or it is still pending. In case if you want to change the user on click on a button you can change the assignee.

Any task assigned to you through our Best CRM task management you can view in assigned tasks and start performing the task and upload the necessary documents towards the task.

Upload Documents

Upload Documents and Send Personalized SMS & Email

Any downloads and uploads can be done through task view page to have centralized database for the task

In CRM Customer connect helps your team to get the data in multiple groups and start sending the group SMS as personalized SMS. Every communication through group SMS also will be stored in CRM lead view page.

You can create the email templates through CRM for sending group emails to the customer groups as personalized emails. Every group email sent to customers will be stored in CRM lead view page along with the email subject and email text.

Grouping Customers

Grouping of Customers and Grouping of Status

In the overall database, you can start grouping customers and keep them in specialty groups. For example, you want to group the people who didn't purchase from you in last 30 days; you can group it and start sending group SMS and group emails.

You may have various customers with different status such as hot, warm, cold, prospect, interested. You can start creating groups in CRM with the different lists for sending group SMS and group emails.

Lead Management Software
Lead Management Software
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Sales CRM Solutions Improves the Sales Productivity

Planning of an Oranization and Return On Investment (ROI)

With Tranquil CRM Software Company Sales CRM solutions owners can also control planned-preventive-maintenance and reactive or failure maintenance with tools to create and manage contracts, programs, requests, services, and assets under strict Service Level Recognition. Tranquil CRM software company best CRM Software's comprehensive features encompass every business aspect and have the potential to give you Return On Investment (ROI) in a short period. To discuss your marketing challenges, opt for a free version Demo of Tranquil CRM Software.

Tracking of Meetings and Quick update on lead

Runners work hard to obtain information about their clients. And then this information is spread across their desk—their call software contains call logs, spreadsheets contain pipeline data, sticky notes have crucial data written on them, and their calendar keeps track of their calls and meetings.So when runners have to reconsider their relationships with customers, or even if they need a quick update on a lead, they have to tread through multiple sources to piece together information. In a time-sensitive job like sales, this approach isn’t just infeasible, it’s unsustainable as well.

Real – Time Notification and Improve Sales Productivity

Tranquil CRM software company best CRM Software system brings all the information into one cohesive unit. The customer’s entire history with your business lives alongside a list of your sales; your emails, notes, and meetings live in one interface. Add to this the fact that you can get real-time notifications when your customers perform an essential activity—like when they visit your Pricing page or click on a link in your email. Therefore Tranquil CRM software company best CRM software is the one-stop shop for your sales teams. It can be the distinction between winning a deal and losing it. Tranquil CRM Software also is your gateway to improved sales productivity, better pipelines, and better coordination between teams. Tranquil CRM software company best CRM software helps you build enduring relationships with your customers.

Everything you need to understand about the head—their demographic features, leads, latest discussions with your business, activity on your website, even their recent tickets—is possible on one screen. You can also perform related actions, like emailing/calling the lead, writing down a note and setting up an appointment, without leaving this screen. Every lead has a world of their own, and that’s what the Tranquil CRM Software system captures.

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