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Tranquil CRM is One of the Best Sales CRM Software company for CRM Solutions and Lead Management, helps to organize, automatize and contemporize business processes with best crm solutions. Tranquil CRM software is from the house of Tranquil Web Solutions, Hyderabad. Tranquil CRM Solutions helps to organize, automatise and contemporise business processes for an organization interaction with sales prospects, leads and opportunities. Tranquil CRM is an integration custom application development to provides a holistic overview of all kind of customer interactions, and help businesses to constitute stronger relationships with their customers. The solution comprises of a robust mechanism of automatised processes that countenances customer interactions through auto-responders.

Tranquil CRM software is a cloud based Business & Customer Relationship Management Solution built for all types of businesses. CRM Software is a business tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners and prospects information all in one place. It is a secure cloud based CRM Software that can help every part of your business and get a 360 degree view of your customer. These Web based crm software and Mobile crm software built on the power of such platform, that you can view and direct your team for better perofrmance. It is fully customized and user freindly crm software and it covers every customer touch points and every stage of the customer lifecycle, so you can close deals, log calls, track emails and view your team performance — wherever you are. Sales activity tracking ensures instantaneous customer updates so there are no surprises when you’re on the go. It makes it easy for you because everything is connected.

CRM Software for Lead Management & Team Planning

Proper Planning Helps you to Achieve More Sales
What are Planned Activities Today ?

In Any Company Sales, CRM Process & Managing the Activities are most crucial. Tranquil CRM Solutions Helps your team to plan their daily activities in a proper way and it saves lot more time for your team members to organize and work effectively.

What are Future Planned Activities ?

Through Tranquil CRM You can organize all future activities and meetings triggering to you for that particular day. It helps you to make the proper follow-up with your customers and get connected with them in time.

What are the Pending Activities?

While you are busy with customer meetings, you may miss few scheduled activities to speak or meet them. Such activities will be available in pending activities to re-connect with them and reschedule meetings.

What are the Completed Activities?

In Tranquil CRM you can easily view all completed activities in different tabs. It helps you to view the potentiality and rating of the customers post the interaction or meeting with them by your sales team.

Manage Sales Team Day Plan

All the scheduled activities by the users for that particular day will be shown in the CRM to understand the day plan of the complete team and on a click, you can we who are the customers and what the activities they planned are.

Easy Reporting

CRM allows you to get an easy reporting the way you wanted to get displayed. Whatever activities performed by the users, it will show you in your dashboard in the defined format to understand what is planned and what is achieved.

Understand the Activities

Based on CRM dashboard you can easily understand the activities planned by the team members and view that is with low activities planning. It helps you to focus and poor planning members and enhances their performance.

Enquiries Attended today

Through CRM you can view how many new enquiries attended by your team members through various sources in CRM. On Click of the button, you can view the status of the enquiries to unattended enquiries.

CRM Software

User, Agent / CP, Vistior Mobile CRM Software

Tranquil Mobile CRM Available in Android and IOS Mobile APP to give you easy access
Team Planning through CRM
Manage All Activities

Through the mobile CRM app, you can manage all the activities such as today planned, future planned, pending activities and start interacting with the clients on the go. They can make a call, send SMS, send email, update the activity or schedule the activity.

Task Management

In Mobile CRM, task management helps you to assign the tasks to any of the team members and start tracking the status of the tasks. You can view, download the documents and you can reassign the task to some other member.

Live Chat

Get notified when any visitor coming to your website for the quick response. As and when any of the users accept the chat, it won't be visible to other users. Store the history of each and every interaction in CRM for future reference.

Channel Partners

Manage the customers coming from channel partners through channel partner app. Once they send you the customers through the mobile CRM app, you can start creating the activities, follow-ups with the customers through mobile CRM.

Visitors Management

Every visitor coming at the visitor point, it is directly linked with the mobile CRM and as and when the details entered in visitor management app it will search in CRM database and associated user get notified through CRM.

Access through Mobile APP

IF you have agents or channel partners working for your company, they can start sending customers by using a mobile app created for them. Their mobile app may have only their customers' information.

Get Notified Once Assign the Customer

Through CRM Mobile app you may be notified when any channel partner or agent sends any new customer. You may find the customers in the defined place in your CRM software and CRM Mobile APP.

View Planned Activities

Your agents or channel partners can view their given customers planned activities and help your sales team to progress the customers through Mobile CRM.

View Completed Activities

Your agents or channel partners can view their customers completed activities through Mobile CRM to understand the progress of their given customers.

Visitor management mobile app

It helps to store every entry at visitors point and get connected to the CRM for easy assigning of new enquiries and it stores the history of the visitors.

Get Triggered

Every visitor entry will search the database for the relevant contact is associated with any user, immediately CRM software sends the triggering SMS the visit of their customer.

Live Chat, Website Analytics & Bulk SMS, Email through CRM Software

Assign users to attend Live Chat

In CRM software admin access has the provision to define the users who can receive the live chat when any customer coming to your website and starts interacting your employees.

Get notified of every visit

When any visitor is coming to visit your website, there will be live chat window to welcome visitors. As and when any visitor comes every assigned user will get a notification to accept the chat and start interacting with the visitors.

Interact with Customer

Through CRM Live chat once you get triggered and accepting the chat you can interact with the customer through easy templates to interact and update customers in easy steps.

Save the Enquiries

After finishing the Live chat with the customer you may have an option to directly store it with the new entry of enquiry to the CRM along with the chat history.

Real-time customers

Tranquil CRM software integrated with Analytics of your website. It tracks the real-time customers and shows the history of the customers traveled with your website.

Location Wise Tracking

Analytics in CRM software helps you to get the customer's location wise and shows in a summary from each and every country and city how many website visitors coming to visit your website and what is their conversion.

Track the number of visits

You may get many visitors driving from various sources to the website. But most importantly returning customers are very important. Analytics in Tranquil CRM software helps you to track the number of visits by every visitor.

Sources of Visits

To enhance the quality visits to your website, you need to understand the sources of visits also to more focus on the sources which are giving you good quality visits.

Upload Various Data

For the bulk campaigns, you may have the contact points along with the mobile number or email-ids. You can start uploading the contact points by using excel sheet for bulk campaigns.

Define in Various Groups

Every upload of contact points to the CRM in bulk campaigns; you can define the group name for the future reference and start doing campaigning in easy steps.

Send SMS

After uploading the database all the contact points visible to you in different defined groups. You just need to select the group and select the template and start your campaign.

Send Email

Through the contact points added in CRM bulk uploads in various groups, you can start sending bulk email with image and text and start storing every communication through CRM for future reference

Live Chat through Mobile App

Summary on Defined Activities and Know Cost Per Sale

CRM Summary Reports
Team-wise Performance

In CRM summary team wise performance helps to understand the performers of the company and their activities along with the complete details of the customers they are interacting.

Category and Product wise Performance

You may be dealing with various categories and products. This summary helps you to understand each every category wise how many sales happened and how many enquiries you received against to it.

Reasons for Dropout

When a customer is not interested in your product or services it is very important to capture the reason for dropout. In CRM we need to define the reason for dropout so that the summary will be helpful to improve the weak areas and enhance the sales experience.

Pending activity Tracking

There may be many customers who show interest. Out of which few customers may be contacted in time and few may be not contacted. Through CRM you will be able to view the pending activity customers from each user wise to understand who all not following customers on time.

Capture Every Expenditure

Tranquil CRM software has the provision to capture each and every expenditure made towards marketing, sales, employee salary, bonus, agents commission and many more dynamically calculating and storing in the database for the calculation.

Manage Source Cost with Sales CRM

Add the expenses towards each and every marketing source. CRM Software automatically calculates the cost per sale on each source. It helps you to understand which source giving you the sale at lesser cost.

Manage Employee Cost

Every Employee Salary, Incentive, Bonus and any other spend for the employee to achieve the sales will be calculated and CRM software shows the cost per sale through each and every employee. It helps you to understand who is performing better with lesser cost.

Point blank Cost per Sale

Tranquil CRM software calculates employee cost and a number of enquiries consumed by the employee and its expenditure to arrive the point-blank cost per sale to the company. It helps to understand exactly who is efficiently working.

Task Management & Customer Connect Through CRM Software

Assign the Task

You can assign the task using CRM software or mobile CRM and start assigning the task to the users in your company and start managing the task, track and update any information if required by the person you assigned the task and finish the task in quick time.

Track the Task

Through CRM task management you can start tracking of the task status whether it is in the process of the action or it is still pending. In case if you want to change the user on click on a button you can change the assignee.

Update the Task

Any task assigned to you through CRM task management you can view in assigned tasks and start performing the task and upload the necessary documents towards the task.

Upload Documents

Any downloads and uploads can be done through task view page to have centralized database for the task

Personalized SMS

In CRM Customer connect helps your team to get the data in multiple groups and start sending the group SMS as personalized SMS. Every communication through group SMS also will be stored in CRM lead view page.

Personalized Email

You can create the email templates through CRM for sending group emails to the customer groups as personalized emails. Every group email sent to customers will be stored in CRM lead view page along with the email subject and email text.

Grouping of Customers

In the overall database, you can start grouping customers and keep them in specialty groups. For example, you want to group the people who didn't purchase from you in last 30 days; you can group it and start sending group SMS and group emails.

Grouping of Status

You may have various customers with different status such as hot, warm, cold, prospect, interested. You can start creating groups in CRM with the different lists for sending group SMS and group emails.

Customer Group SMS

CRM Data management & Security

CRM Data backup
Website IP Based Access to CRM Users

Tranquil CRM Software built with high security and it works in admin defined IP's only. Any new IP has to be access given by an admin to start using the new IP. And admin gets the notification to every login.

Enquiry Upload for Sales Campaign

Any number data points you can directly upload to excel format and assign the bulk enquiries to your users for follow-up.

Easy Assigning of Enquiries to Users

Through excel upload in Tranquil CRM software, you can easily upload the enquiries to the users to their defined products and services for easy management of enquiries and follow-ups.

Software Data Backup

Admin can take the CRM software data backup with a click of a button. It will be stored in system encrypted format for the data security.

Log History

Tranquil CRM software has the Proper tracking of users log. CRM database stores the activity of every user. From which IP user is accessing and what time and date user is accessing the CRM software.

View real-time customers

With the integration of your website with CRM software it helps you to view the real-time customers and the place or city they are visiting.

Get notified if they are existing customers in CRM software

If your visitor is an existing customer who is already associated with any user in CRM software, he may get an SMS along with the customer name and number so that your user aware of customer interest.

Previous History

Through CRM Software you can have the complete history of the customer along with the pages he visited and when he visited and with whom he interacted with.

Helps to create Stickiness

Every time your customer no need to interact with the new user and start to explain what he wants. It is easy for the customer to stay connected with whom he already was spoken.

Send Quotes and File Manager Through CRM Software

File Manager through CRM
View Quotes

All the products you have can view the quotes along with the costing on a quick view. It helps you to save your time instead of calculating every time.

Download the Quotes

You may require taking the print out of the quotes when it is needed. Through CRM software you can easily download the quotes for the customer in PDF format.

Send the Quotes

If you want to send the quote to the customer through email it is in a single click. What you need to do is, just select the quote you need to send and search for the customer in CRM software and click on send button.

Manage Quotes

Every quote you sent to the customer will be stored in every customer information sheet for the purpose of record and proper communication.

Create Cloud Folders

Through CRM Software in file manager you can create many cloud folders to have an easy access to all the users.

Upload files in defined Folders

Every file can be uploaded to their defined folders for easy understanding, can give a title to every file you are uploading.

Easy download as required

As and when you want to use the file, you may get into the file manager and search for the required file and do a quick download the require file.

Send an email in a single click

If you want to send any file to the customer, on a click of button you can easily send the file to customer and every mail will be stored in the customer information sheet.

CRM Software Dashboard & Integrated CIS

Top Sources, Meetings, Sales

In CRM software Dashboard you can view the top sources giving you're the maximum leads, and sources giving you maximum meetings and sales

View Top performers

CRM Dashboard shows you the top performers of the company along with the number of sales they achieved over the period of time.

Enquiry to Sale Conversion

In CRM software you can view the conversion rate from Enquiry to Sale for overall, current month and previous month. Any given point you can compare the improvements compare to previous month and overall time.

Employee Monthly Performance

You can view every employee monthly performance to understand the improvement of the employee month on month basis.

Make a Call through CRM

You can make a call to your customers through CRM software and start storing the conversation you had with the customer for any future reference or conflict.

Send an SMS

Customer information sheet has a provision to send an SMS by using pre-defined templates or new text to the customer. Every SMS goes with your defined name and stores in CRM software for your record.

Send an Email

Through pre-defined templates or dynamic email, you can send it to your CRM customers and store the history in CRM software for the reference. It stores along with the sent user and sent time.

View History

Through CRM software, customer information sheet you can have the complete history of the customer such as what is the SMS sent, Email sent to the customer, quotes sent, files sent and all the activity history of that particular customer.

CRM Dashboard

Tranquil CRM Software Features

File Manager through CRM
About our CRM Software

Every business company would love to have an easy approachability to the employees database and staff. Tranquil CRM Software, one of the best web-hosted software is the favourite of many clients because it makes this challenging task seem completely easy.

Hassle – Free Software

The most striking aspect of the software is the mobile app that gives quick and easy path. In extension to managing entire control over the activities, this software has one of the most powerful time tracking tools. Leave administration and claim compensation is a hassle-free task using this software.

Send the Quotes

If you want to send the quote to the customer through email it is in a single click. What you need to do is, just select the quote you need to send and search for the customer in CRM software and click on send button.

Uses of CRM Software

While taking care of the lawful compliance, this software is also good when it comes to handling employee exits. Tax plan and TDS considerations are simple jobs as far as this software solution is involved. It is easy for one to get info about the loans and credits at any point in time.

Tracking of the Information

The travel management module enables you to keep track of your travel costs. Presenting and analyzing performance appraisals are easy with this CRM software. The Employee self-service facility permits the employer to keep track of his HR-related projects in his company.

Top CRM Software in Hyderabad

One of the best software solutions as far as production management is involved, this software caters to the recruitment and education of the workers as well. Tranquil CRM Software is a robust Cloud CRM software provided by Tranquil web Solutions and one of the top CRM software company in Hyderabad, India.

Switch Leads Effectively

Tranquil CRM Software enables users to effectively switch leads and events into revenue-paying clients with its powerful tools. This CRM Software helps companies to promote operations with features such as sales lifecycle stages (including estimation), selection management, authorizations, records & activity trackers and many more power-packed opportunities through its robust, easy-to-use and comprehensive platform that is agile enough to suit the size and scale elements of any business.

Efficient Solution for campaign Management

Users can gain penetrations into their sales processes to maximize every customer interaction. It provides a platform enabling business owners to analyze, plan, develop and deploy marketing, sales and service activities. With tools like sales analytics, role Support, sales team authority & territory management, Tranquil CRM is an efficient solution for campaign management, business segmentation, landing page integration among others.

CRM Software Improves the Sales Productivity

Planning of an Oranization

With Tranquil CRM Software, owners can also control planned-preventive-maintenance and reactive or failure maintenance with tools to create and manage contracts, programs, requests, services and assets under strict Service Level Recognition.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Tranquil CRM Software's comprehensive features encompass every business aspect and have the potential to give you Return On Investment (ROI) in a very short period of time. To discuss your marketing challenges, opt for a free Demo of Tranquil CRM Software.

Tracking of Meetings

Runners work hard to obtain information about their clients. And then this information is spread across their desk—their call software contains call logs, spreadsheets contain pipeline data, sticky notes have crucial data written on them, and their calendar keeps track of their calls and meetings.

Quick update on lead

So when runners have to reconsider their relationships with customers, or even if they need a quick update on a lead, they have to tread through multiple sources to piece together information. In a time-sensitive job like sales, this approach isn’t just infeasible, it’s unsustainable as well.

Real – Time Notification

A CRM Software system brings all this information into one cohesive unit. The customer’s entire history with your business lives alongside a list of your sales; your emails, notes, and meetings live in one interface. Add to this the fact that you can get real-time notifications when your customers perform an important activity—like when they visit your Pricing page or click on a link in your email.

Improve Sales Productivity

Tranquil CRM Software is, therefore, the one-stop shop for your sales teams. It can be the distinction between winning a deal and losing it. Tranquil CRM Software also is your gateway to improved sales productivity, better pipelines and better coordination between teams. Tranquil CRM Software helps you build enduring relationships with your customers.

Uses of Tranquil CRM Software

With a Tranquil CRM Software, you don’t have to sift through a lead list on your email client or a spreadsheet. You get a dedicated interface with a list of your leads. Agreeing on a lead opens up a screen like the neighboring image.

Every lead has a world of their own

Everything you need to understand about the head—their demographic features, leads, latest discussions with your business, activity on your website, even their recent tickets—is possible on one screen. You can also perform related actions, like emailing/calling the lead, writing down a note and setting up an appointment, without leaving this screen. Every lead has a world of their own, and that’s what the Tranquil CRM Software system captures.

CRM Dashboard

we are dedicated to helping you to build business value

CRM Dashboard
Delivering Technology to the customers

Tranquil CRM Software does much more than simply deliver technology or provide regulated services. Our customers get unique expertise we have gained through a powerful mixture of skills – supported by tools, methodologies and moral practices – that reduce the cost and risk of deployments. At Tranquil CRM Software, we are dedicated to helping you to build business value.

Improves the accuracy of Business

Looking at the changing marketing policy, it would be futile to think about the importance of software development as it is one of the vital parts of every market. Whether you have a small or big firm, it is Must to make certain software that improves the accuracy of business and gives great customer happiness.

Advanced level Generation Software

Tranquil CRM Software offer next-generation software services and solutions by using cutting-edge technologies, compounded with Cost Effectiveness, Highest Character and best of After Sales Support.

About Tranquil CRM Software

This software has helped our clients to be at the vanguard of the market dynamics and helped them become successful sales companies.Tranquil CRM Software has raised the bar and far surpasses the offerings of the modern generation hosted resolutions. We make this complexed functionality and industrialization available without turn about a capital account with an effective total cost of ownership of comparable solutions.


Tranquil CRM Software empowers users with ease-of-use completely the purpose by leveraging? One-click? Access, user configurable desktop, honest tree and hierarchical arrangements, the power to leap from one account record to different and many such user natural options.

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