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Sales Tracking APP from Tranquil CRM Software

Sales Tracking APP from Tranquil CRM Software

In Tranquil Software, admin access has the provision to define the Sales Tracking App reps who can receive the live chat when any customer coming to your website and starts interacting with your employees and increase the company productivity.

Tranquil CRM known for best Sales tracking app management software and with many prospects from various industries having continuous learning on improvising the regular activities of your SalesForce through sales tracking app management software. When any visitor is coming to visit your website, there will be a live chat window to welcome visitors. As and when any visitor comes, every assigned user will get a notification to accept the chat and start interacting with the visitors.

Interact with Customer and Save the Enquiries through Sales Tracking APP

With Tranquil Sales CRM Software your marketing and sales team may be active through Live chat, and once they get triggered and accepting the chat, you can interact with the customer through easy templates to interact and update customers data entry in easy steps.

After finishing the Live chat with the customer you may have an option to directly store it with the new entry of enquiry to the Sales CRM along with the chat history.

With a Tranquil Sales CRM Software , you don’t have to shift through a lead list on your email client or a spreadsheet. You get a dedicated interface with a list of your leads. Agreeing on a lead opens up a screen like the neighboring image.

Customers and Location Wise Tracking

Tranquil - Software company established in India, integrated with Google Analytics of your website. It tracks the customers and shows the history of the customers traveled with your website.

Analytics in Cloud Software helps you to get the customer's location wise and shows in a summary from each and every country and city how many website visitors coming to visit your website and what is their conversion.

Track the number of visits and Sources of Visits

You may get many visitors driving from various sources to the website. But most importantly returning customers are very important. Analytics in Tranquil CRM Software helps you to track the number of visits by every visitor.

To enhance the quality visits to your website, you need to understand the sources of visits also to more focus on the sources which are giving you good quality visits.

Upload Various Data and Define in Various Groups

For the bulk campaigns, you may have the call contact points along with the mobile number or email-ids. You can start uploading the contact points pipeline by using excel sheet for bulk campaigns.

Every upload of contact points to the apps in bulk campaigns; you can define the group name for the future reference and start doing campaigning in easy steps.

Assign the Task, Track the Task and Update the Task

You can assign the task using Tranquil company best software product or mobile App and start mapping the job to the users in your company and start managing the task, track and update any information if required by the person you assigned the task and finish the task in quick time.

Through task management you can start tracking of the task status whether it is in the process of the action or it is still pending. In case if you want to change the user on click on a button you can change the assignee.

Any task assigned to you through our Best task management you can view in assigned tasks and start performing the task and upload the necessary documents towards the task.

Upload Documents and Send Personalized SMS & Email

Any downloads and uploads can be done through task view page to have centralized database for the task

In application Customer connect helps your team to find the data in multiple groups and start sending the group SMS as personalized SMS. Every communication through group SMS also will be stored in customer lead view page.

You can create the email templates through software for sending group emails to the customer groups as personalized emails. Every group email sent to customers will be stored in application lead view page along with the email subject and email text. You may read the email as and when it is necessary.

Grouping of Customers and Grouping of Status

In the overall database, you can start grouping customers and keep them in specialty groups. For example, you want to group the people who didn't purchase from you in last 30 days; you can group it and start sending group SMS and group emails.

You may have various customers with different status such as hot, warm, cold, prospect, interested. You can start creating groups in Software with the different lists for sending group SMS and group emails.

With Tranquil's incredible contact management software, clients currently have numerous approaches to interface with organizations. The contact the executives programming permits you to associate with your clients through a lot a more significant number of channels than was conceivable before, all while bringing together data that enables your business group to grow and have logical, significant commitment and correspondence with your possibilities. CRM programming intended for client relationships, the executives which cause us to comprehend our clients and improves our relations with them. The CRM-Customer Relationship Management instrument oversees leads or contacts, helps deals groups, tracks the advancement of possibilities, and improves profitability. It doesn't make a difference. We have a place with deals or customer-driven associations, the more we think about our options and clients, the open doors for our business to grow and become more brilliant, and it will keep our workers and clients upbeat. Tranquil CRM Support Services having integrations with Android and IOS Mobile APP for an easy access to your sales reps for all sales activities.

How can CRM Improve Potency and Increase Income?

Before whatever else, a CRM learn to be effectively open to its end clients as a deal and showcasing officials, project leads, and chiefs. CRM tool frameworks offer a full scope of functionalities that encourages sales and showcasing groups in different manners. Nonetheless, the accompanying highlights are fundamental to any business work that is intending to sort out their frameworks and upgrade their profitability. Call now for free online demo.

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