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Performance Analytics

Employee, Source, Spent, Daily, Monthly, Tgt Vs. Ach, Cost Per Sale, KPF/Daily Productivity, Requirement wise summary, time Spent on Activities, many more. CRM analytics includes the dashboard that analyzes customer data and displays it to help expedite and streamline more reliable company decisions. CRM analytics are statistics or summaries that present insights into areas like sales team performance or customer service team performance, explaining how a business operates. These insights help companies make decisions to serve customers adequately, develop relationships, and boost sales. Full-featured Tranquil CRM offers automated CRM analytics instruments that aggregate customer data into significant statements versus using excel sheets. CRM analytics is buyer intercommunication data that assists businesses in making more knowledgeable resolutions around sales, service, and marketing exercises.

These analytics includes an extensive area and includes deal-win-loss ratios, Calls made by the team, overdue project tasks, and open service calls. When aggregated inside relevant reports, these summaries can benefit business point opportunities or threats. The most beneficial instruments to pursue CRM analytics extend within the CRM software itself.

Through Tranquil CRM automation, all your sales data and other customer data like prospect communications, customer engagement, customer service activity, billing, and project management activities recorded automatically. The software’s advanced CRM analytics allow you to view and evaluate drifts taking place in your business so you can take curative action where needed.

Through CRM analytics, you will know more about the business by pursuing consumer information points like product sales and prospect engagement. These devices consolidate data into reports where you can recognize inclinations (such as increasing sales), describe what they mean, and take action. Unlike manually trailing information and making synopsis reports, CRM programming regularly permits you to click a couple of tabs to create reports and dashboards without leaving the interface, sparing your time.

Some of the Analytics Reports as follows

  • Meetings Day wise
  • Projected Meetings
  • Update Day Report
  • Daily Performance Reports
  • Monthly Day Report Summary
  • Daily Report Summary
  • Employees Cost Per Sale Summary
  • Requirement Wise Month Till Date Performance
  • Source wise analysis
  • Today Plan Vs Ach
  • Yesterday Plan Vs Ach
  • Employee Current Month Performance
  • Employee Previous Month Performance
  • Employee Pending Activities
  • Dropout Reasons
  • Completed Activities Summary
  • Requirement Performance
  • Requirement Pre Month Performance
  • Lead Summary With Future Activities
  • Call Summary