CRM Software for Lead Management & Team Planning CRM Software for Lead Management & Team Planning

What are Planned Activities Today ? In Any Company Sales, CRM Process & Managing the Activities are most crucial. Tranquil CRM Solutions Helps your team to plan their daily activities in a proper way and it saves lot more time for your team members to organize and work effectively. What are Future Planned Activities ? Through Tranquil CRM You can organize all future activities and meetings triggering to you for that particular day. It helps you to make the proper follow-up with your customers and get connected with them in time. What are the Pending Activities? While you are busy with customer meetings, you may miss few scheduled activities to speak or meet them. Such activities will be available in pending activities to re-connect with them and reschedule meetings. What are the Completed Activities? In Tranquil CRM you can easily view all completed activities in different tabs. It helps you to view the potentiality and rating of the customers post the interaction or meeting with them by your sales team. Manage Sales Team Day Plan All the scheduled activities by the users for that particular day will be shown in the CRM to understand the day plan of the complete team and on a click, you can we who are the customers and what the activities they planned are. Easy Reporting CRM allows you to get an easy reporting the way you wanted to get displayed. Whatever activities performed by the users, it will show you in your dashboard in the defined format to understand what is planned and what is achieved. Understand the Activities Based on CRM dashboard you can easily understand the activities planned by the team members and view that is with low activities planning. It helps you to focus and poor planning members and enhances their performance. Enquiries Attended today Through CRM you can view how many new enquiries attended by your team members through various sources in CRM. On Click of the button, you can view the status of the enquiries to unattended enquiries.

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