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CRM Lead Management

Tranquil CRM Lead Management Software is to manage your customers and their requirements. Lead Management is centralized customer data to handle a complete customer management process that comprises all significant features from lead acquisition to distribution to closing.

When a prospect shares his information and requirements, it is essential to maintain his complete information and requirement details in a centralized database for consistant communication across the departments. You can automate assigning inquiries to employees without any manual work. As and when any inquiry received by your employee will get an automated SMS, Email to contact the customer in a quick time. Your sales force can create activities such as follow-ups, phone calls, meetings, negotiations, and get-notifications, reminders to contact your customers at the right time with the right follow-ups to engage your customers until they get fulfilled with their requirements.

Auto SMS and Email Settings will help your team to send an auto SMS and Email to your customers as and when your sales team finishes their activities. You can also integrate the telesales team for making calls and assigning the prospective leads to the sales team by using the mobile app to capture all necessary details from the prospects and transfer the information to the sales team on a single click. There is a provision to upload bulk inquiries through excel and assign inquiries to your sales team and telesales team.

Every business establishment that grew strong at a national or global level understands the significance of Lead Management and how to use a CRM system. For them, CRM Implementation in their company is an investment, not an expenditure.

When a customer shares the requirement that linked to getting advantage of a product or service, that customer becomes a lead. Some leads may transform to customers instantly, others may take more days or months, and some more leads never convert as a business. Effective lead management will assist you in successful tracking of leads from the primary interaction to closure and beyond.

There are Many Advantages of Lead Management

  • Dynamic Lead Tracking
  • Impactful Lead Processing
  • Easy Filters for Your Leads
  • Automation of Tasks
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Improve Team Coordination
  • Monitoring Sales Processes
  • Prioritizing Your customers and Activities
  • Personalize Your Customer Communications
  • Save Your Valuable Time
  • Quick Analysis of the Reports
  • Response time