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Real Estate CRM Software An Idiot-Proof Real Estate CRM Process

Prospects / Leads Management Features

Implement Real Estate CRM Software To Automate Sales Process

  • Integrated with Mobile App
  • Pre Defined Day Plan to Sales Team
  • Automatic Capturing and Assigning of Leads
  • Email, SMS, Whatsapp Integrated
  • Units Availability Integration
  • Generate and Track Quotation /Cost Sheet
  • Activity Reminders to Mobile Phone
  • KPF/ Dialy Performance Tracking
  • Telecaller Integration and Customer Assigning Process
  • SMS and Email Auto Responders for All Activities
  • Analyze Marketing performance and cost per sale
  • File Manager to Manage all Marketing collateral
  • One Click to Send Brochure, Flyers, Price break-up
  • Manage Projected Sales and Site Visits
  • Lead Conversion integrated with Bookings
  • Activity Calendar to track Planned Activities
  • Bulk SMS & Bulk Email Marketing campaigns
  • Channel Partner Integration
  • Analytics, Summary, and Reporting
  • Follow-Up Reminders and Tracking
  • Track reasons for not buying
  • Incentive Calculations and Eligibility Display
  • Marketing Spent and ROI Calculation
  • SMS, Email, and Remarks Template Management
  • Bulk Enquiry Upload And Auto Assign
  • Send News Letters or Monthly Mails to Customers
  • Employee Cost Per Sale Calculation
  • Weekly Prospecting Activity Tgt VS Ach
  • Weekly Sales Activity Tgt VS Ach
  • Activity Ach % and Time Spent % Calculation
  • Daily Target Vs. Plan VS Achievement %
  • Employee Lead Stock Details along with Future Activities
  • Projects Wise LeadsSummary
  • Task Management
  • Track Customers Based on Requirements
  • Transfer lead to other projects and Employees
  • Encrypted Contacts for Security
  • Chatter Box to update any comments
  • Track Communication

Post-Sales / Booking & Sales Management

Implement an Error Free Real Estate CRM Software Post-Sales Process

  • Auto Calculation of Sale Details With Taxes
  • Defined Mile Stone Auto Calculations
  • Units Blocking and Un Blocking Process
  • Auto Payment Plan Based on Mile Stones
  • Generate Due Reminders
  • Manage and Track Unit Availability
  • Seller Details and Hierarchy Capture
  • Channel Partners and Hierarchy With Calculation
  • Project Approval Status
  • Sale Deviation Approval Process
  • Mile Stone Deviation Approval Process
  • Delay Payments Approval
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Future Payments Projections
  • Customer Documents Management
  • Project Wise Outstanding Summary
  • Step by Step Approval Process
  • Application Check List
  • PDC Collection
  • Payment Collection and Confirmation Approval
  • Registration Checklist
  • Interest on Delay Payment
  • Cheque Bounce Charges Capturing
  • Unit Shifting Request and Approvals
  • Unit Cancel, Approval and Refund Process
  • Customer Complaints Capture and Resolve
  • Pay Commission on Pro-rata Basis
  • Discounts Capturing and Approvals
  • Handover Checklist
  • Aging Summary Month by Month
  • Overdue Summary
  • Total Months Collection
  • Bank Outstanding Details
  • Additional Works Tracking
  • Schedule Milestone Payment on Click
  • Send Auto Outstanding Statement to Client
  • Manage Application, Booking Forms, Policies
  • Single Console to track project wise payments
  • 3 Tier Payment Reminders to Customers
  • Payment History in Customer Page
  • Automatic Receipt Acknowledgements
  • Complete Project Wise MIS Report

Exclusively configured Sales & Marketing Automation for Real Estate

Tranquil Real Estate CRM built entirely for real estate companies that automates the complete Pre-Sales, Post-Sales and marketing automation and enables your team to acquire more number bookings with minimal efforts. We at Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company recognize that the business process is unique for every industry, as are the needs involved in achieving sales success. That's why we developed CRM Software an end to end sales, marketing, and support solution that are adaptable and adjustable, making it the perfect solution for real estate companies. Tranquil Real Estate CRM helps real estate companies to manage the documentation of the entire sales process, from evaluations to property listings and sales. It engages real estate companies to spend more time in building relationships and low time on routine management. Take your efforts to the next level with the ability to accurately track leads; tailor your information and email marketing efforts to follow with their interests; schedule appointments; place and receive calls; and trace the history of it all from the same platform either on your mobile device or a desktop. Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company Real Estate CRM software is the ultimate solution for real estate companies to manage their properties, optimize their productivity, and follow-up with potential buyers.

Increase your sales through Tranquil Real Estate CRM software

As an owner of a real estate company, you’re of course confused with plans of promoting your business and producing more people in your estates. Nowadays many real estate players are in the industry; it’s time to think creatively and stand apart from the group. To solve this, a Real Estate CRM Software is the safest solution for all your promoting objectives. The use of Real Estate CRM software can be essential in advancing your company and giving it a brand new platform for communication; this is all part of real estate lead management. Look at how the Real Estate CRM System Data will boost your marketing efforts and further enhance your business.

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What is Real Estate CRM Software & How Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company CRM Solutions helpful for Builders and Agents?

Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company Customer Relationship Management or Real Estate CRM is regressing as the most reliable software for analyzing and strategizing pre-sales and post-sales customer data, communications, and interactions in the real estate field. Tranquil CRM software comes in Desktop, Mobile app android, and IOS platform for ease of use. Tranquil CRM software facilitates real estate businesses to explain their strategies towards property enhancement, customer satisfaction, and customer maintenance and enhancing employee productivity. Since hand-operated sorting of information is inefficient and prone to misunderstanding, most of the companies are spontaneously using to automatize their CRM activities.

Real Estate CRM Software of Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software company comes with many useful features such as Availability Integration, Pre Sales and Post Sales modules, Project Management, Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp Integration, File Manager for Sending Brochures & Flyers, Activity Calendar, Channel Partner Integration and Management, Auto Responders for all the activities, KPF/ Dialy Performance Tracking, Employee Performance, Weekly Performance, Monthly Performance, Telecaller Integration, Activity Reminders to phone, Daily Activity Schedules Source Wise Performance, Cost Per Sale Analysis Incentive Calculations, Auto Due Reminders to Clients, Project Wise Summary, Projected Inflows, Task Management.

Real estate buying and selling are among the personalized and high-value financial choices that one needs to make. The real estate agents invest a significant quantity of resources and time to generate leads, which can translate into actual sales. A real estate CRM can catch and store the customer information, their interactions, and shared data and reports. Real estate CRM software may also automate lots of sales, marketing, and customer support workflow procedures.

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Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software is for Advanced planning, strategy, and execution.

Prospecting activity:

Daily, monitor the prospecting activity, which is involved in generating new prospects for the business by various sales personals. This activity helps you to understand how your team is feeding the right number of new opportunities for future business.

Sales Activity:

For generating more business or sales, it is essential to perform activities consistently to achieve goals.

Tranquil CRM Sales activity process helps you to understand daily, how the Sales team is performing the sales activities such as phone calls, follow-ups, site visit follow-ups, site visits, negotiations and expected sales conversion.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance:

Measuring and understanding performance is significant to get more results from the team. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance matrix help management or organization to know where to focus more and which employee needs more training to get better results for the organization.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance:

Measuring and understanding performance is significant to get more results from the team. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance matrix help management or organization to know where to focus more and which employee needs more training to get better results for the organization.

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Open Source Real Estate CRM Software

There's multiple Open Source Real Estate CRM Software available these days which could be entirely customized and are free to use.

Considering that the source codes of this software are made available and are changeable, the real estate companies can efficiently manipulate the software to match its specific requirements concerning functionalities and program.

Which Real Estate CRM Software Should You Choose for Business?

There's a high number of Real Estate CRM Software available, and it is essential to try and determine which one is best suited for the individual needs of your company.

The Real Estate CRM program needs to be easily configurable, simple to use, and educate individuals on and ought to have rich attributes towards assisting the organization with sales, advertising, and information management. The CRM system also needs to be readily integrated with the current solutions and ought to be economical to set up and use. It should have the most recent safety and availability features, in addition to the great after sales copy and service. The above pointers may utilize as reference points towards selecting the best CRM software for your requirements whether you're a small business buyer or an enterprise purchaser.


How To Choose The Perfect Real Estate CRM Software Company For Real Estate CRM Sytem

Getting a CRM Software for your real estate business can be an overwhelming task. There are many CRM software suppliers available in today's marketplace, and this means you have a wide choice of Real estate CRM software packages available to choose. However, the question is, How do you Choose the"excellent" CRM software for your real estate company?

Here are the significant points you should think about to make your selection process easy and fast:

Find out your needs:

While choosing CRM software, it is essential to make a clear and concise list of your needs before you begin to look at Vendors. It would be a good idea to find a Real Estate CRM software that is industry specific with tools and features designed to address your property business requirements. The more specific you are upfront, the more detailed your vendors can maintain their proposals. Additional requirement definitions and ambivalent priorities frequently lead to poor implementation. Try to involve upper Management in the evaluation process. Lack of involvement from the senior level in the analysis process may lead to poor acceptance and consumer adoption.

Keep your options open:

Contrary to popular belief, there are more than just three or four primary vendors providing real estate CRM software and Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company is one of them. Too many businesses have an uncanny knack of opting for a solution based on the brand name. Instead, you should consider the options that are going to meet your specific business needs best.

Compare the Vendors:

Vendor comparison is something that you should do before CRM software purchase. The benefit of Vendor comparison is the fact that it saves money for you. Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Company development team has domain knowledge for 15+ years and have the experience in implementing successfully in various Real Estate companies across the Globe. Vendor comparison is powerful when you compare across reliable real estate CRM providers. You should pick those companies that have a good track record of providing outstanding customer service. It's worthwhile to consider the vendor's reputation. While comparing the vendors offering CRM solutions, it is essential to know whether they can prove to be the right partner for your business. The CRM vendor should have long-term stability to encourage and enhance the solution in the future. Investing or implementing CRM Software in your real estate business is an investment for business growth, not an expenditure.

Think About the Whole cost of ownership of your CRM Software:

You should have specific knowledge of the entire cost of ownership of your CRM purchase. Apart from the software costs, the prices can include hardware, implementation, internal and external project resources, maintenance, integration, customization, training, services, upgrades, etc. Whether you require a turnkey solution or customized system is dependent upon your selection.

Select Cloud CRM software:

With the growing popularity of cloud computing, it's no wonder why many businesses are going for the cloud-based real estate CRM software. Hence, over recent years, there has been the aggressive adoption of cloud CRM and bringing information in and out of this cloud is growing more than ever before. Tranquil Real Estate CRM Software Compnay real estate CRM Software is Cloud-based and integrated with Android and IOS mobile apps.

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